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100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Beaver Dam WI • Phone: 920-885-0641
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Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Jen is gentle and efficient!

❝Dr. Jen is gentle and efficient. She has helped me keep up with my teenage children.❞
Robyn, Fox Lake

I can lay on my right side to sleep!

❝I can lay on my right side to sleep and my arm doesn't fall asleep on me.❞
Inez, Beaver Dam

Chiropractic has improved my life!

❝Chiropractic has improved my life by making me able to do my work without being in pain.

Donna, Reeseville

Finally some relief!

❝After suffering from chronic back pain for several years, I have finally found a chiropractor that has given me some relief. Dr. Espenscheid of Chiropractic USA is the best chiropractor in the Beaver Dam area. If you are looking for a good Chiropractor Clinic, call Chiropractic USA. ❞
Brian - Reeseville, WI